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In Africa aim of rural support is that ordinary people can get enough money to live on. Livestock is an integral part of the programme because animals reproduce. Goats are strong and they are more gourmand than gourmet! In the morning they go out as a flock watched over by someone from the village. When they come back in the evening they know where to go to return to their home.

In the photograph the animals (sheep and goats) which have just come back to the village return home for they know their own shepherds, that is the families to which they belong.

The families milk the goats which provide protein with their good milk.

This family benefited from a loan with which they bought two goats. Now there are half a dozen goats. In addition two goats were eaten for a daughter's wedding.

The money lent has been repaid, the goats as well the the whole of the village's herd are doing well and little by little life improves.

In practice the value of a loan may vary between 15,000 and 50,000 CFA for a family. The current cost of a goat is 15000 CFA.