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Water Distribution
Easy acess to water is very important. In Danja there is a lot of underground water at a depth of about 80 metres. A submersible pump has been installed in the compound the hospital and there is plenty of water for Danja village. The woman is in the photogtagraph is filling cans for people who live in the village - many of them former patients. The whole project is the responsibility of a committee of 12 people who ensure that the income derived from the water system is properly distributed. 

There is is a connected project, the Kyria Project named after Kyria village, which aims to help people, especially in Kyria village who would not be able to afford the purchase of a house. Those who acquire a house are proud to be the legal owners of a dwelling that they can bequeath to their descendants. They pay for part of the construction, to which they also contribute by their work. The emphasis is always on integration and participation in the life of society round about.

On the right: The owner and a friend outside the door of a house.

The courtyard is also a place for meeting. One can also cook in the courtyard because it rains very little in Niger. Sometimes there are animals or fowl as well.   

Kyria is a community where children are aware that visitors have arrived. They have come to see them and welcome them!