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The Clinic
A large number of people come to the clinic. They arrive with illness but also for preventive medicine, for immunisation and for ongoing treatment, sometimes treatment that goes on for a long time. There is a waiting room (right), consultation rooms, obstetric care, care and immunisation for children as well as an injection room and a "counter" for the distribution of medicines.

In Niger this general treatment is necessary and sometimes patients have come a considerable distance. On the first visit it is important to distinguish different kinds of disease so that "urgent cases" can be treated in the shortest time and so that people receive appropriate care.
The pharmacy is that the end of the waiting room (right), and medicine is distributed at the "hole" in the wall. Where patients have to pay something, there is a obviously a "cash office" as well.    
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When they arrive patients are classified according to their diseases. In fact they come with their different illnesses which must be recognised following appropriate examination. These people are waiting for a "preliminary" diagnosis before consulting an appropriate practitioner.

The pharmacy dispenses medicines, of which some need to be kept at a low temperature, so there is a refrigerator, in this case a domestic "fridge", because fridges are available everywhere in the world!