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In patients
Both this person's legs have been amputated. A special stool with castors has been made to enable her to move around . In addition she has rubber for her knees and the ends of her legs to make her more comfortable. She can also move around in a three wheeled chair which she propels, in this case with special handles and a chain to drive the front wheel.

A programme to enable people to adapt, together with advice and listening and the making of necessary equipment is essential as people people affected by leprosy regain their life in the community. Being in hospital, therefore, is not just about healing and treatment. Adaptation and living with disability are essential to the quality of a person's life.  
Normally 70% of in patients in Danja have been affected by leprosy and the treatment of ulcers is an important part of the day to day work. 

Patients are followed in their treatment. In the photograph the Doctor is discussing treatment, obviously with patient, but also with a podiatrist from New Zealand who is visiting the hospital for a few weeks. 

The patient on the terrace is making ropes from vegetable material not only because the ropes are needed but also to do something while he is in hospital. In the sun this relaxation is pleasant.