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There is a risk of damage to the sight of people with leprosy. Care of the eyes is therefore of fundamental importance. In 2009 a new building was constructed which houses the oph- thalmological unit. Hanouna is in charge of the unit. For the future there is a brand new apparatus for examination of patients' eyes.

Because leprosy is a disease of the nerves the nerves related to sight need to be protected. The optic nerve is not so much at risk because it is a deep one. The leprosy bacillus does not like heat. Therefore it is more likely to attack the eyelids which may no longer shut completely. As a result patients may have ulceration of the cornea because their eyes are no longer protected from the dust.
It is also necessary to examine the tear ducts because tears are very important for the eyes. 
Eye testing is carried out using a classic panel. The patient is asked to read the letters. In Niger there are many people who cannot read, however. When that is the case the patient needs to recognise a symbol like the letter E and know which way it is "pointing".

The waiting room is on the terrace of the centre.