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Prevention of Deformity
The prevention of deformity is a fundamental aspect of the treatment of people with leprosy. There is a programme at CSL Danja for which Adamou, a nurse with specialised training, is responsible.

The deformities regarded as "primary" are the result of damage to the nerves of infected people while bodily affliction such as the collapse of the nose or gynaecomasty are also primary deformities. As for secondary deformity, because they are the result of the first category, they are always avoidable. In particular ulcers, cracks in the skin, contractures and blindness can be avoided with suitable care.

The important thing is early diagnosis, followed by appropriate information for patients who can care for themselves , or by restorative surgery, or the provision of equipment, for example shoes that give gentle protection to the feet, sometimes with the use of special soles.

It is important to watch out for painful reaction of the nerves among patients receiving treatment while the diagnosis of enlarged nerves is not difficult.  
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Self care is not difficult. There are groups of people who support each other with with advice and encouragement. One can bathe ones feet. For people with difficulties of vision a pair of sunglasses may be a simple and available solution.

In Danja the shoemakers have learned to make shoes which protect the feet, while supporting the heels, but leaving the shoes open to the toes so that they can easily be put on.

Nevertheless, more serious ulceration, for example, needs more particular care which includes surgery. Reconstructive surgery may be available, in particular the partial restoration of hands can improve the quality of life of people who are affected by leprosy.